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Qt talks at CppCon 2017

The program for CppCon 2017 is now published!

CppCon is the annual conference for the C++ community: five days packed with over 100 talks, as well as inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, hallway chats, fun evening events and much more. CppCon is a project of the Standard C++ Foundation, a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to support the C++ software developer community and promote the understanding and use of modern, standard C++ on all compilers and platforms.

It’s our pleasure to announce that Qt will be a huge presence at this year’s CppCon, with a training, a keynote speech, two talks and other open content:

  • On September 23-24, KDAB’s Giuseppe D’Angelo will deliver a pre-conference training on programming with QtWidgets. This course focuses entirely on QtWidgets, the set of C++ APIs offered by Qt to build cross-platform desktop applications, running on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • On September 27, Giuseppe will also talk about how to use Qt C++ Core APIs effectively in the 2017 update of the Effective Qt session.
  • On September 29, Simon Hausmann from The Qt Company will explore what’s under the hood of the Qt object model and its features (signals, slots, properties) in his Inside the Qt Object Model session.
  • Last but not least, Lars Knoll (Qt Project Chief Maintainer, CTO of The Qt Company) will deliver a keynote speech. The details have yet to be announced, but it’s great to see the C++ community acknowledging the importance of the Qt framework in the C++ ecosystem.

This isn’t everything — stay tuned for more info about other Qt-related content at CppCon, including BOFs, panels and lightning talks. Also, don’t forget that on September 30 and October 1, KDAB’s Thomas McGuire will explain in his post-conference training how to Debug and Profile C++ Code on Linux.

You can register to CppCon here.

See you in Bellevue!

About KDAB

KDAB is a consulting company offering a wide variety of expert services in Qt, C++ and 3D/OpenGL and providing training courses in:

KDAB believes that it is critical for our business to contribute to the Qt framework and C++ thinking, to keep pushing these technologies forward to ensure they remain competitive.

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