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Certifiably Qt Qt and software certification

Expanding your team’s software development capacity is something that most managers will encounter at some point in their careers. There are several ways to do this – three of the most common options are hiring new employees, using a service company, or incorporating onsite contractors. Regardless of which route you choose to go, software certifications are an effective tool to help you identify the right resources. Qt certifications are a case in point.

Originally created by Nokia, the Qt certification program has been running for many years and is available through a number of third-party providers worldwide. It is a well-respected program, known for its fair and impartial grading, and is considered to be an accurate measure of Qt skill level, making it a no-brainer as a hiring/outsourcing criterion for your next Qt project.

The biggest benefit to you as a manager is knowing that Qt certified engineers have solid knowledge of the framework as well as the ability to apply it to real-world situations. A secondary benefit is knowing you’ve got engineers who are dedicated professionals willing and able to learn new skills, and adapt to the dynamic demands of the workplace.

Here’s what the different certifications mean:

  • Certified Qt and QML Developer – demonstrates that the holder has a baseline knowledge of creating, building, and debugging Qt and QML applications
  • Certified Qt C++ Specialist – confirms that the applicant has a sound working knowledge of UI creation using widgets as well as Qt C++ modules, APIs, and patterns
  • Certified Qt Quick Specialist – verifies that the developer has a solid understanding of UI creation using Qt Quick and QML

KDAB certification We at KDAB consider certifications to be vital. In fact, all KDAB engineers are Certified Qt and QML Developers at a minimum, and many have one or both of the extended certifications. Feel free to call us if ever you find yourself in need of Qt reinforcements!

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