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NEW: Qt / QML introduction tutorial release

We are proud to announce that the release of the first module of our tutorials on YouTube was very well received. Since the release, we got a lot of positive feedback and most of all: no thumbs down. We would like to thank all of you for watching, liking, commenting and supporting our videos.

Today, we see more and more self-guided and remote learning via videos online. To that end, we have been working for more than 6 months now to capture our regular Qt/QML Introduction training on video.

Qt/QML introduction series

We are currently looking into adding subtitles in various languages to make our content accessible to a larger number of countries. Though it will likely take quite some time before it will be ready for release, do let us know if you are interested in subtitles in your region.

The content released in these videos is part of the actual slides and tips we give during our regular in-person trainings, minus the exercises, their solutions and of course the interaction with the trainer.

We are planning to release 8 other modules over the next year to complete this series on Qt / QML Introduction training and the next one is planned for the end of December 2019 – beginning of January 2020.

Subscribe to the channel and don’t miss out on any new videos coming out:

If you can’t wait or would like a Qt/QML Introduction training customized to your needs, including the exercises, contact us for an on-site training for you and your team:


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