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KUESA™ 3D Studio 3D asset creation and integration workflow

Kuesa, KUESA™ 3D Studio

3D asset creation and integration workflow

KUESA™ 3D Studio is a solution that provides an integrated and unified workflow for designers and developers to create, optimize and integrate real time 3D content in a 3D or hybrid 2D/3D software user interface. KUESA 3D Studio is available for both embedded or desktop applications.

KUESA 3D Studio’s workflow

There are traditionally two main workflows to integrate real-time 3D content into an application:

  • Hand-made workflow: the designers create videos of the scenes and the developers recreate them in code, leading to lots of communication overhead, misunderstandings and suboptimal results.
  • External tool workflow: the designers and developers work on a common tool for editing the scene for integrating into the application limiting both to the constraints of the tool and creating a black box which provides little control.

KUESA 3D Studio provides an easy, integrated and unified workflow without any compromises for designers and developers giving:

  • great performance on both desktop and embedded boards
  • high quality real-time 3D scenes
  • full expressiveness for designers, using professional 3D design tools
  • full control of integration for developers
  • reduced time to market.

The workflow is based on the glTF™ (GL Transmission Format) format designed by the Khronos Group, a royalty-free specification for the efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by applications supporting vendor extension.

KUESA 3D Studio’s strengths

  • Uses professional 3D design tools for scene creation: 3ds Max®, Blender…
  • Provides tools for previewing, optimizing and checking assets
  • Provides a seamless integration in Qt and Qt 3D applications
  • Gives full control of the scene from the code, for complex interaction

KUESA 3D Studio’s components

KUESA digital content creation (DCC) plugins 3D application plugins used by the designer to create the 3D scenes, and ultimately export them to glTF™. KUESA tools A collection of utilities used by designers, developers or integrated into a continuous integration system for previewing, conditioning, sanity checking and optimizing assets. KUESA 3D Runtime A set of libraries on top of Qt and Qt3D used by the developers to integrate the scene in the application. Provides a high-level API as well as a full control of the 3D scene. Kuesa, KUESA™ 3D Studio

KUESA 3D Studio is for designers

Designers use the professional 3D design tool they are used to to create the 3D scenes. 3ds Max®, Blender, and more later, have all the features needed to create stunning animations in a very efficient way. The KUESA digital content creation plugins integrate into the 3D design tool to add new features:

  • Material support: sets of materials supported by KUESA 3D Studio during export
  • Feature enablers: properties or items that can be leveraged later by the developers (like layers)
  • glTF™ exporter: export the scene in glTF™ format

KUESA 3D Studio is based on top of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials which approximate real world physics in real-time with a photo-realistic result. The materials used in the 3D design tool and the engine are the same, so the result will look alike in both applications. Kuesa, KUESA™ 3D Studio Once the scene is exported, the designer can use KUESA 3D Studio tools like the asset pipeline editor to preview and sanity check assets.

KUESA 3D Studio is for developers

Developers can leverage all KUESA 3D Studio tools to preview, condition, sanity check and optimize assets. For example, the asset pipeline editor can help them preview and introspect the scene. Kuesa, KUESA™ 3D Studio The KUESA 3D runtime is built on top of Qt 3D (created and maintained by KDAB engineers) and provides a seamless integration in your Qt application, with added features:

  • Imports glTF™ files, with specific KUESA extensions
  • Supports PBR materials
  • Provides an optimized default frame graph (high level description of the OpenGL pipeline configuration)
  • Gives a full access to the scene items via collections

KUESA 3D Studio is easy to integrate into any 3D or hybrid 2D / 3D Qt application. Developers are free to use either the C++ or the QML API and can access all the internals of the 3D scenes from the code – opening the way to all kinds of improvement ranging from adding special effects, user interactions to creating an optimized frame graph for a specific board.

Give it a try

KUESA™ 3D Studio is available under both an AGPL and Commercial license, the source code is available on our github repositories here:

If you are interested in a more practical demo, have a look at the tutorials created by KDABian Timo Buske, showing a complete workflow from the designer to the developer:

If you are interested please contact us:

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Finally, you can also download our car scene demo and test a KUESA 3D Studio application by yourself:

KDAB’s experts can not only support you to get started with KUESA 3D Studio through on-site trainings and workshops, but also integrate, customize and optimize the workflow and code for your application.

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