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KDAB now offers standalone on-site Git training Our newest training portfolio addition not so much about Qt, but the version control system Git

New on-site Git training

KDAB’s training portfolio now includes a dedicated on-site training class about the version control system Git. The Git training material has been a supplemental chapter in our other on-site training offerings for quite a while. Given the recent rise in interest in this chapter we’ve reorganized, updated and extended the course. It now covers the latest changes in Git and most recent Git workflows out there.

This one-day training class provides a comprehensive introduction into modern software development with the code version control system Git. Beginning with the basic concepts, all the fundamental topics to manage code bases in Git will be covered.

Building on that, it expands into strategies for common workflows in software development life cycles and introduces options for collaboration on large scale or widely distributed projects.

Course Contents

  • Initial setup and checkout of Git repositories
  • Managing and committing changes
  • Navigating through Git history
  • Branching and merging
  • Development strategies
  • Collaboration via Gerrit code review and similar systems

View more details about the training course, including the full table of contents.

Another good reason to learn the basics of Git is that Qt itself is available through Git. A basic knowledge of Git is therefore essential if you want to apply patches back to Qt or try out a not yet released version of Qt.

The Git training course is completely platform-agnostic: we have already had several training sessions including people working with either Linux, macOS or Windows. We’re focusing on Git concepts explained by Git command-line usage which is applicable on any operating system. If needed we can also give a short introduction in graphical user interfaces for Git, such as TortoiseGit, Git extensions, git-gui, etc..

This training course has a duration of one day and is currently offered as on-site training only. It is suited for developers who work on software collaboratively or who need to maintain a delivered/deployed version while simultaneously working on new features for the next one.

Contact us

If you’re interested in a Git training course, please contact us!

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