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KDAB at QtCS and Akademy

Starting next weekend, one of the most significant events on the Qt development and contribution calendar is taking place in Bilbao, Spain. The co-located and parallel-running Qt Contributor Summit and Akademy promise to push plans for Qt forward during the coming year.

As an unconference, the format of the Qt Contributor Summit is designed to allow ad-hoc planning in whatever areas are interesting when the required people are available. Some topics are pre-arranged to allow participants to plan their attendance. Many KDABians will be attending, including maintainers David Faure, Sean Harmer and Stephen Kelly, as well as approvers and contributors Giuseppe D’Angelo, Kevin Ottens, Milian Wolff, James Turner, Volker Krause, Thomas McGuire and Kevin Krammer.

Akademy consists of 2 days of ‘traditional’ conference format followed by 5 days of ‘bird of a feather’ meetings for focus on particular issues. Several talks at the conference are to be delivered by KDABians:

  • Kevin Krammer will showcase Declarative Widgets, a technology which allows the use of QML to describe widget-based UIs in lieu of .ui files and the designer tool.
  • Till Adam will explore the opportunities and challenges for KDE presented by the Blackberry 10 mobile platform. The platform has strong and diverse support for Qt, which is a primary dependency for most code from the KDE community, and other important mobile APIs.
  • Kevin Ottens looks forward in a keynote address as a result of implementing the KDE Manifesto and asks what kind of mutations motivated the need for the Manifesto, and what outcomes can be expected now that it exists as a tool for the community.
  • Volker Krause lifts some of the mystery from the implementation and use of Expression templates, from motivations and example APIs to explaining how to navigate resulting error messages. As expression templates are already used in some areas in Qt and KDE code, these issues are increasingly unavoidable.
  • Milian Wolff shares some secrets of performance optimization and the available tools for all kinds of optimizations.

Feel free to talk to any of us about these or any other Qt or KDE related topic we have our fingers in.


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