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Heaptrack v1.5.0 released includes about 70 changes since the v1.4.0 release

I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of Heaptrack v1.5.0. Heaptrack is a heap memory profiler targeting mainly Linux, as well as FreeBSD. To learn more, please visit the project website.

Version 1.5.0 incorporates about 70 changes since the v1.4.0 release from June last year.

The highlights include:

– Elfutils is now used for symbolizing backtraces, which makes the code much more future proof: We can now handle DWARF5, split debug info, compressed debug info and gain transparent support for debuginfod as well as some performance benefits too

– Various QOL improvements to the charts, including the ability to export the charts

– Various bug fixes and better platform support, resulting in overall higher stability and accuracy

– The code can now be compiled with Qt6 too

You can download the sources and an AppImage for heaptrack v1.5.0 from the official KDE mirrors: Packages in modern Linux distributions will be updated over time too, so stay tuned.

Many thanks to all the contributors that made this release possible! We can all celebrate together, as at this year’s KDE Akademy conference, heaptrack won the Best Application award!

Best Application Akademy Award 2023

Cheers to that and happy profiling!

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