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GammaRay 3.0.0 is released with support for Qt 6

KDAB has released GammaRay 3.0.0.

GammaRay is a software introspection tool for Qt applications developed by KDAB for internal use, and now shared with the developer community on GitHub.

This release is a special one, as we have now added Qt 6 support.

An overview of changes since the last release

Things we have added or improved

  • Support for Qt6
  • An option to allow capturing HTTP response body in Network operation.
  • You can now ‘favorite’ Objects via context menu. A favorite object appears in a separate item view above the main itemview
  • Support for modifying QMargins in properties
  • You can now zoom with a mouse wheel in Signals view
  • When you filter for an object, the tree will now expand automatically and select the object
  • When an object is re-parented, it no longer crashes
  • You get much improved performance
    • in signals view
    • when a target application triggers massive object destructions or constructions

Things we took away

  • The KDAB commercial license.
  • The 3D Widget Inspector View.
  • The experimental VTK-based Object Visualizer.

Download GammaRay and see the full change log at

Find out more about KDAB’s Qt tools.


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