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GammaRay 2.7.0 Released

We have released version 2.7 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay. GammaRay allows you to observe the behavior and data structures of Qt code inside your program live at runtime.

Here are a few of the highlights of this release:

  • The new Qt 3D geometry inspector allows you to look at a wireframe rendering of entity geometries, as well as the raw OpenGL buffer data. Visualizations of normal vectors and backface culling help to identify common problems in geometry data.
  • The state machine inspector now can also display layouts and configuration of state machines implemented with the QtSCXML module.

  • Qt Quick inspector now can also display its layout overlays on the target, which is particularly useful for working with embedded devices.
  • The meta object browser is no longer only showing the total amount of instances created of a specific type, but also the amount of still alive instances.
  • Several improvements in the GammaRay user interface make interpreting the presented data easier: The property editor can now display and edit enumeration and flag values in many more cases, rather than falling back to numeric values, and places showing textual contents such as shader or QML code now support syntax highlighting and code folding.

  • To ease the use of GammaRay on Windows targets, the GammaRay probe is now automatically built in debug and release mode.
  • For users of the Qt Automotive Suite we added initial support for the QtIVI module, allowing to monitor and override vehicle data properties.

We have also put quite some work in expanding the documentation of GammaRay, which you can now find online here.

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