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KDAB talks at QtCon 2016



This is a small wrap-up fromQtCon, the biggest Qt event in Europe in 2016, that happened at the beginning of September. At QtCon the Qt community joined forces with the KDE, FSFE and VideoLAN communities, to create an exciting event in the spirit of open collaboration and participation amongst projects.

During QtCon many KDAB engineers gave in-depth technical talks about Qt, QML, Qt3D, OpenGL and the other technologies around Qt development. All the sessions were of the highest quality, as you may expect from KDAB speakers, and extremely well received by the audience.

In case you missed some, here’s a complete list. You can find each talk’s description, slides, code / example material, and a recording of the session by following the links.

In no particular order:

See you at the Qt World Summit!

2 thoughts on “KDAB talks at QtCon 2016”

    1. Giuseppe D'Angelo


      I think some of the code examples shown during the talks are available in official repository (qt3d/examples); the others are coming soon (they need to be polished a little bit), stay tuned for a blog post here 🙂

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