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Digital Portfolio Demo - showcases a number of KDAB demos together, in a smooth QtQuick application.

In this demo you will find information about all the following Qt applications:

  • the boat demo running with QNX
  • the home automation client/server cross-platform demo
  • a real industrial application controlling weaving machines
  • an OpenGL demo creating surfaces from DICOM files on the GPU
  • a patient management application with Android
  • GammaRay, a powerful introspection tool for Qt applications
  • a complex desktop phone designed specifically for traders
  • a 3D application simulating an electro plating plant
  • Alcatel’s conferencing and communication software.

Technologies used:

  • QtQuick2 (Qt 5.3)
  • Pure QML, only main() is in C++
  • OpenGL shaders (embedded into the QML code) for the reflection effects.


  • Windows 8
  • Also runs on Raspberry PI and Android devices
  • Available on the Google Play Store, search for “kdab”.

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