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Digital Dashboard Projection Demo This demo projects useful information from a smartphone on to a wall

In this projection demo a laptop takes care of communicating with the Android smartphone on one hand, and of displaying a QtQuick application which puts together all the information for projecting on the other hand.

The information being displayed includes missed phone calls, emails, calendar, time, weather, etc. This information is retrieved on the Android phone by running a QtQuick application on the phone, which uses the Java Native Interface (JNI) to extract the native information from Android.

The user can interact with the demo by using neither the phone nor the laptop, but simply by waving his/her hands. This miracle is achieved through the use of the Leap Motion device, using the Qt library written by a KDAB developer.

Technologies used:

  • QtQuick 2
  • Qt 5.3.1 on Android
  • Java Native Interface (JNI)


  • Motorola Moto E 4GB
  • Linux laptop
  • Projector



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