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Showcase videos Videos of demos from KDAB showcasing a range of technologies

Videos of demos from KDAB showcasing a range of technologies

Showcase videos and information about Nautical Infotainment, Industrial Measuring Systems, Trader Phones, Digital Dashboard Projection and a Digital Portfolio.

Follow the title links for more detailed demo information.

Python – Tron Demo using Qt Quick and the Qt 3D QML API

Clazy An open source Clang plugin allowing it to understand Qt semantics

Hotspot A GUI for perf report

KDAB’s City Lights Display with Qt 3D Qt 3D put to novel use to implement a deferred rendering pipeline

KDAB at Qt World Summit 2017

Qi (Quantitive Imaging Systems) – Solving Cancer with Qt 3D

CCI – putting intelligence into agriculture, using Qt

KDAB and Qt at Embedded World 2017–the video "the future is written with Qt"

Qt Automotive Suite video

KDAB and Meiller – Tipper Truck App

Qt 3D Demo – Dodge Viper 2013 SRT

KDAB Digital Dashboard Projection

IPC Unigy Pulse – Trader Phone

OPW mPro Industrial Touch UI

Nautical Infotainment / Navigation Device

KDAB Portfolio Demo

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