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C++11/C++14 Training Sold Out! New one in May!

KDAB’s popular 3 day Training course: What’s new in C++11/C++14 training has SOLD OUT in April but don’t despair, you can still get up to speed with the new language for better productivity and performance in your project.

KDAB’s Thomas McGuire is putting on bonus session just for you: 11th – 13th May, at our training facility in Berlin, Germany.

Register now! Training for professional C++ developers

This KDAB training has features such as improved lambas with lambda init capture and generic lambdas, relaxed constexpr, variable templates, improved return type deduction, binary literals, digit separators, a deprecated attribute, decltype(auto) and some library additions in places like iterators, algorithms, literals, type traits and more.

The course also offers optional advanced C++11/14 features like variadic templates and perfect forwarding. All our training material is clearly marked for C++14 improvements you can choose to ignore if you work with C++11.

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