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My first project when I entered KDAB was the migration of a multi-million lines Motif application to Qt… feels quite scary said like that. Fortunately, migrations from any toolkit to Qt is something KDAB has been doing from the beginning, and has lots of experience with. You may be wondering what this has to do […]

Have you ever noticed code highlighting disappearing in Qt Creator for some projects, without any apparent reason? Can’t get Ctrl+Click to work on any class name or function name anymore? Maybe you have ignored it at first, got used to it, and decided it’s just one of those things that just “happen sometimes”; or maybe […]

KDAB developers use Qt Creator on their own projects and it is the IDE of choice for KDAB’s Qt training courses.KDAB has already contributed to Qt Creator in the past and is continuing this effort within the Qt Open Governance system. The next release, Qt Creator 2.5, will contain some features we are now using […]

The Qt Creator reference card is a handy reference (cheat-sheet) designed to speed up your use of Qt Creator. It gives you keyboard shortcuts for Windows, Linux and Mac. (See also below for more from KDAB on Qt Creator). Download here More on Qt Creator here…

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Santa Claus is coming to … wait a minute, it’s not Christmas yet! Status update: The patch was merged into master branch on Mar 6th, therefore it will be part of QtCreator 4.10(5.0?) not 4.9! I have the pleasure to let you know that KDAB has contributed to Qt with yet another super cool project! […]

While I was working on a yet-to-be-announced super secret and cool Qt on Android project, I had to do a lot of debugging. This way I found that debugging Qt apps on Android using QtCreator was ok, but it had some issues, which was kinda frustrating. First issue was that I could not debug on […]

CMake 3.0 was released last week with many major new features and new Qt integration for uic and rcc. A major change with this CMake release is the new documentation system based on reStructuredText and Sphinx. Sphinx has the ability to generate Qt Assistant files, so these are now easy to create reproducibly from the […]

    Welcome to our Newsletter for October We hope you like the new style.   Today we bring you Qt for VS Code, the TL;DR version, then PSA: QPointer has a terrible name.   After that we have three new releases: Qt 6.6, then Heaptrack 1.5 and finally Squish 7.2. We also have new […]

You may already be hosting your code on GitHub, but do you know that GitHub provides a built-in Continuous Integration solution called GitHub Actions that is very easy to set up and free for public repositories? In this article I’m providing a crash course on what GitHub Actions are and how to use it for […]