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After 3 successful years, KDAB passes on the Qt Developer Days torch

For the last 3 years, we in KDAB have received overwhelmingly positive feedback for organising and running Qt Developer Days in Europe. Now we would like to say thank you to all of you for your participation and positive feedback with regard to our arrangements of everything from great technical content and discussions to evening entertainment and great food. The events would not have been the same without your passion, many great talks and exhibits – Thank you for helping us making the events so successful!

In 2012, following the acquisition of Qt from Nokia, Digia were not in a position to arrange Qt Developer Days. At that point, since we viewed Qt Developer Days as one of the pillars of enabling a thriving Qt ecosystem, KDAB and ICS (for the U.S. event) decided to ensure the existence of this traditional annual event and Digia accepted our proposal to drive the events for 3 years.

These big conferences came with a very high cost, lots of learning and extra work, but mission fulfilled; we kept Qt Developer Days alive in the traditional and developer-focused format for the whole Qt ecosystem.

Now in 2015, we see continued stable growth in the Qt ecosystem and The Qt Company has informed us that they are ready to drive a yearly Qt event. As a consequence the 3 year agreement we (and ICS) had for Qt Developer Days was not prolonged.

After organizing the annual 3-day Qt Developer Days in Europe for close to 1000 Qt developers over the last 3 years, the event has become like a baby to us. It is therefore now, with mixed feelings, we see our time at the helm come to an end.

We wish The Qt Company good luck and much success in putting on the Qt World Summit. KDAB will certainly be a part of it.


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