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In-Depth Multithreading

This three-day training teaches multithreading application development techniques, using the Qt/C++ object technology. Participants will gain insight into multithreading problems in general, and how they pertain to Qt programs in particular.

Examples include how to offload work from the GUI thread, how to increase throughput to the maximum in your application, and optimal strategies for communication between threads.

The training covers topics such as cross-thread signal/slot connections, QThreadPool, QObjects and multithreading, QtConcurrent, QFuture, and Qt atomic operations.

Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of C++ and Qt. Prior experience with multithreaded programming is recommended, but not necessary.

The Multithreading with Qt course:

  • is designed to take programmers who are new to Qt multithreading from the basics to a deep functional understanding of the best practices
  • equips you with the Qt multithreading skills and know-how to boost your productivity at work
  • offers hands-on multithreading training with different kinds of focus, depending on your needs
  • is delivered by authorized KDAB trainers with real-life practical experience

Course contents

  • Multithreading Concepts
  • Synchronization Primitives
  • Multithreading Foundation
  • QtConcurrent
  • The C++11 Memory Model
  • Atomic Operations
  • Relation to Model/View
  • Qt and the Standard Library threading facilities

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Course Information

Target Audience: Qt and C++ developers.
Prequisites: Professional experience of object-oriented programming is recommended, as well as experience in C++. A working understanding of Qt programming is also recommended.
Duration: 3 days