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Scheduled Training for Individuals,
Qt, Modern C++, OpenGL and more
Improve your programming skills with KDAB, the market leader.

Improve your programming skills with KDAB, the market leader.

Download our Training Guide
Download our Training Guide

KDAB’s scheduled training is tailored to offer a maximum of 12 software developers a hands-on, practical programming training. KDAB’s industry leading trainings are useful for beginners as well as for experienced developers.

The KDAB trainings are offered across the world on a regular basis. The majority of the scheduled trainings are held in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the U.S. Check out our Training Schedule…

Courses are from 2 up to 5-days. You can sign up by registering for your training of choice. The trainings tend to be offered in either English, French or German – so please check that you sign up for a training in your preferred language.

In case you are looking for a customized training for your team, please click here….

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KDAB and Qt World Summit

Qt World Summit is the premier Qt event of the year and follows Qt Developer Days organized by KDAB in 2012–2014. KDAB is the main sponsor and contributor to this event in Europe, the USA and Asia. [...]

Programming with Qt Training Learn Qt with courses tailored to your needs

KDAB has delivered 500+ Qt courses for companies such as Boeing, CERN, IBM, Intel, Roche, Siemens and Shell. Our courses draw upon an unrivaled breadth of Qt material, adapting to participants’ needs. [...]

Modern OpenGL: Introduction

This training provides a comprehensive introduction to modern OpenGL development. Beginning with basics, it includes all the fundamental topics to develop flexible, high performance OpenGL code [...]

Modern C++: C++11 / C++14 / C++17

In this hands-on C++11, C++14 and C++17 training for professional C++ developers, you will learn the language changes and the standard library changes introduced in C++11, C++14 as well as changes from C++17 [...]

On-site training. Testing Qt with Squish Learn how to test your Qt application with Squish

What is the most important thing about a tool for automatic testing? Often the answer is not that it will reliably test your application, but instead that it will reliably test your application tomorrow  [...]

Debugging and Profiling Qt applications on Linux Get up-to-speed with the latest Linux Qt debugging and performance tools

The training introduces various tools which help developers and testers in finding bugs and performance issues. Tools covered include general debugging, CPU profiling and high-level analyzers. [...]

Qt 3D Studio training Learn how to integrate 3D content into Qt Quick and QML

This training introduces designers and developers to 3D content workflows and concepts, and gives a solid grounding in creating content using Qt3D Studio and integrating the results with Qt content and Qt Quick. [...]

KDAB’s Experienced Trainers Combining training with real world programming know-how

All of our Qt, C++, OpenGL and Squish Instructors have qualified themselves through years of real-life, large-scale development experience as well as having strong backgrounds in teaching. [...]

Testimonials for KDAB Training

For more than 20 years KDAB's expert training courses have received glowing praise and recommendation for their high level content, trainers' in-depth knowledge and stimulating delivery. Read what people say [...]

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