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On-site Qt Training Tailored to Your Needs Learn Qt/QML with courses tailored to your team's needs

Learn Qt/QML with courses tailored to your team's needs

KDAB has delivered 500+ Qt courses for companies such as Boeing, CERN, IBM
, Intel, Roche, Siemens and Shell. When you order one of our “Programming with Qt” courses, we bring the whole deck of Qt Training material enabling our trainers to make last minute adaptations suited to the participants’ needs. If you turn out to have, say, a strong interest in multi-threading, then that material is already included in the class handout, and can easily be covered.

To help you tailor the on-site Qt Training course to your needs, please contact us directly at

We currently offer five course variants:

On-site training. Programming with Qt Widgets for the Desktop

This introductory Qt course:

  • is designed to take development teams in your organization, new to Qt, from the basics to a deep functional understanding of the best Qt practices.
  • equips developers with the Qt skills and know-how to boost their productivity at work
  • offers hands-on Qt training with different kinds of focus, depending on your needs
  • is delivered by authorized KDAB trainers with real-life practical experience

Qt Course contents

Programming with Qt/Widgets for the Desktop

  • Event handling
  • Designing dialogs with Qt Designer
  • Layout management
  • Model/View programming
  • Multithreading with Qt

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On-site Qt Training – “Programming with Qt” Information:

Target audience: Developers targeting desktop and/or embedded and/or mobile platforms.
Duration: A typical programming with Qt session lasts 5 days and covers: 2-3 days of core topics, which is essential to establish a working knowledge of Qt, and 2-3 days of in-depth topics which vary depending on the participants’ needs*.
Prerequisite: Programmers enrolled in the Qt courses “Programming with Qt” are recommended to have a functional knowledge of C++. However, no previous experience with Qt is required. Developers with up to one year of Qt experience also benefit from the trainings.
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Note: You can tailor the on-site Qt training course to match your specific needs by:

  • selecting topics from our long list of supplementary topics
  • including a C++ refresher course
  • optimizing the length of the “Programming with Qt” class by adding or reducing days
  • adapting the training material to Qt4 rather than Qt5.
Why Qt* Qt is used by tens-of-thousands of companies to develop leading edge applications and UIs for…

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