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Git Training Get up-to-speed with the industry standard version control system

Get up-to-speed with the industry standard version control system

This training course provides a comprehensive introduction into modern software development with the code version control system Git. Beginning with the basic concepts, all the fundamental topics to manage code bases in Git will be covered.

Building on that, it expands into strategies for common workflows in software development life cycles and introduces options for collaboration on large scale or widely distributed projects.

Course Contents

  • Initial setup and checkout of Git repositories
  • Managing and committing changes
  • Navigating through Git history
  • Branching and merging
  • Development strategies
  • Collaboration via Gerrit code review and similar systems

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Why learn Git?

Git is the industry standard for software version control systems.

Usage ranges from single person projects on code hosting platforms such as Github, over major Free and Open Source communities such as Qt, the Linux Kernel or Android, to massive proprietary code bases such as Microsoft Windows.

It is readily available on all major operating systems, usually for free, does not require a dedicated server or similar infrastructure, and is commonly supported by developer tools such as IDEs.

Course Information

Target Audience: Development teams who need to work on software collaboratively or who maintain a delivered/deployed version while simultaneously working on new features for the next one.

Prerequisites: This course is suitable for all developers, no specific prior experience needed

Duration: 1 day