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On-Site Training for Teams Boost the productivity of your team in Qt, C++ and OpenGL

Boost the productivity of your team in Qt, C++ and OpenGL

Book KDAB’s experts for an on-site training course for your team at your preferred location, e.g. at your office or at a KDAB facility in Berlin (Germany) or Manchester (U.K).

On-site training is most suitable for teams of 5 up to 12 persons.

Boeing, CERN, IBM
, Intel, Roche, Siemens and Shell are examples of companies that used training to improve the skills of their teams. We are used to doing on-site training courses in Americas, Europe and Asia.

KDAB’s on-site training courses for Qt, Modern C++ and/or OpenGL are for those who prefer:

  • a cost-effective way to train a group of employees all at once
  • at a specific date and/or location
  • a focus on a specific area and use case

Advantages of on-site training: Private, on-site training offers you a lower cost-per-student than a scheduled training course since it eliminates travel expenses and reduces time away from the office. The business objectives also tend to be better met since we work with you to tailor the course content to your specific needs.

If you seek solutions to particular problems, you may spend as much time as you wish discussing them. Your specific needs steer the training, so you choose the date, time and focus of your on-site training course.

Find out more about our on-site training for Qt, Modern C++ and OpenGL

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