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UX and UI Design Services Modern and pixel perfect UIs with KDAB's in-house design team

Modern and pixel perfect UIs with KDAB's in-house design team

In KDAB we regard the UX and UI design as an integral part of our software process. We use our in-house design team as well as partners with usability expertise to create software that is possible to implement and great to use.

Our design process makes systematic use of techniques and methodologies for user-centered design. Steps include:

  • defining the application functionality and target group
  • creating user interaction flows, interaction design and wire-frames
  • specifying usability architecture
  • designing mockups of the application final look
  • usability testing and reviewing.

UX and UI design is fundamental to creating an enduring relationship between the user and the product and KDAB’s UX and UI design team are aware of real world implementation challenges, so we:

  • take into account limitations arising from hardware constraints
  • consider usage environments
  • make sure what they design can be built with good performance
  • work closely with the developers to make sure the final result is visually pleasing as well as highly functional.

Our UI designs are often created using QML, allowing the designer and developer to share the same language, providing a crossover area where code meets the visual aspect of the software.

We find this reduces software development time and efforts since the enhanced interaction reduces confusion and duplication. This frees developers to concentrate on software functionality and gives the added advantage of easy creation of demos.

We have many years’ experience building software user interfaces for divergent target groups across multiple platforms, machines and devices. All our designers have real-world software project experience and a good understanding of the technologies that are used.

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