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September ’20 – monthly digest


Qt Desktop Days 2020

by Charlotte Johansson

From September 7th to 11th, KDAB hosted, online, the very first edition of Qt Desktop Days, beginning with an event introduction from Kalle Dalheimer, KDAB’s CEO followed by a Keynote on Qt 6 for the desktop from Giuseppe D’Angelo.

On the following days we offered a wide range of technical talks from presenters across the globe, spanning open source and commercial. The event finished off with a lively Q&A session with key figures from the Qt community.

Over 500 attendees participated via the open source tool Big Blue Button, thanks to generous technical support from KDE, whose own event KDE Akademy (reviewed below) took place September 4th to 11th, using the same platform. We also live-streamed the talks on Youtube.

Our big thanks to everyone involved. We really couldn’t have done it without you!

We’ll be releasing all the talks as soon as they are processed. But we have one ready for you today. Watch the Opening address and ‘Qt 6 for the desktop. What can we expect?’, the Keynote from Giuseppe D’Angelo.

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Full Stack Tracing Part 1

by Milian Wolff

Full stack tracing is a tool that should be part of every software engineer’s toolkit. It’s the best way to investigate and solve certain classes of hard problems in optimization and debugging. Because of the power and capability it gives the developer, we’ll be writing a series of blogs about it…

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Introducing KDDockWidgets

by Sérgio Martins

KDDockWidgets was born from my need to preserve sanity after having worked in two projects that needed extensive customization……. Furthermore, our customers were getting more creative with their requests, so it was clear we needed a better docking framework.

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How to Build C++ Projects with the Address Sanitizer on Windows

by Alessandro Ambrosano

Memory bugs are tricky. Leaks have a clear impact on performance, and quickly become hard to spot when heap allocated objects move too much. Memory access bugs, on the other hand, make your program crash right away, if you’re lucky. In less desirable cases, they may end up corrupting random objects on the heap, and only end up in a crash much later.

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Declarative Widgets!

by Nathan Collins

Here’s a blog on Declarative widgets, a QML plugin that adds Qt Widgets support to QML. This means we can now easily mix the power of QML with the comfort of a Widgets UI on desktop.

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KDDockWidgets 1.0 has been released

by Sérgio Martins

KDDockWidgets 1.0 released This release represents the culmination of one year of using the library in production for five different huge projects — one year of incorporating real feedback in the form of new features, bug fixes, or simply making the framework more customizable.

KDDockWidgets is Open Source (GPLv2 & GPLv3) and can be downloaded here.

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GammaRay 2.11.2 released

by Volker Krause and Frances Tait

We have released version 2.11.2 of our Qt application introspection tool GammaRay, bringing support for Qt 5.15 and improved Qt Quick item picking.

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Heaptrack Version 1.2.0 Released

by Milian Wolff

We have just released version 1.2.0 of Heaptrack, the fast heap memory profiler for C++/Linux applications.

This is a maintenance release and brings a couple of important bug fixes and improvements…making Heaptrack more stable and error resistant while recording data.

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Hotspot Version 1.3.0 Released

by Milian Wolff

We are pleased to announce a new release of our Hotspot Linux perf performance analysis GUI: Hotspot version 1.3.0!

With this new release, Hotspot has become …magnitudes faster than it was in the previous releases.

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Tutorial videos

Widgets widgets everywhere…

We definitely have a thing about widgets… and we think you should too 🙂

Yes, widgets are still alive and kicking. In the many years we have worked with them, we have gathered quite a number of tips and tricks that we’d love to share with you.

Check them out…


Qt Widgets training – online (USA)

Qt Widgets for the desktop, March 2 – 4, 2021 Get up and running with Qt widgets with our 3 day course, running 9am to 4pm, CST, delivered by Jim Albamont. Attendance is limited to 12 to ensure personal attention.

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KDE Akademy – Sept 4 – 11

KDAB’s Albert Astals Cid attended this year’s KDE Akademy – the first ever to be held online. Attendance exceeding realtime annual figures, (streaming observers not counted), demonstrating the upsides to not being able to meet in person. The recreational escape games ably substituted for at least some of the missing face-to-face exchanges. The program included several days of BoFs and workshops.

Read Albert’s review…

Qt World Summit online – Oct 22

Qt World Summit’s not just gone online, but virtual too! The one day program has now been published, with four tracks to choose from including a Keynote from Lars Knoll promising the very latest on Qt 6 in the run-up to its release this December.

Meeting C++ – Online Nov 12-14

KDAB is Gold sponsor at Meeting C++ and Marc Mutz will present ‘Partially-Formed Objects for Fun and Profit’.

Qt Day Italy – Online Nov 16 – 21

KDAB is Gold sponsor at Qt Day Italy. The program is to be announced.


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