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May ’21 – monthly digest


Qt DevCon – Berlin, September 28 – 30

KDAB invites you to join us at Qt Developers Conference in Berlin at the end of September. This is our first in-person event after the shutdown. There’ll be technical talks, exhibitors, and a whole day of top-class training to kick it off. Only there for the beer? Well, there’ll be beer too. Save the dates!

The Call for Papers closes on June 13th. We already have some great talks submitted. Send us yours too before it’s too late. Interested in sponsoring? Let us know.

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New in Qt 6.1: std::hash Support for QHash

by Giuseppe D’Angelo

In the previous blog post of this series, long-time Qt Contributor Giuseppe discussed KDToolBox::QtHasher, a helper class that allows us to use unordered associative containers datatypes that have a qHash() overload but not a std::hash specialization…….

In this post, he provides a solution to a question he asked himself: “Why can’t QHash itself support std::hash directly?”

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Can’t the Compiler Do That? Customized C/C++ Tooling with Clang LibTooling

by Anton Kreuzkamp and Kevin Funk, (translated from German)

In this blog, created from a talk given at the ESE Congress in Sindelfingen, Anton shows how a refactoring tool was created and tailored to project-specific needs, with just under 100 lines of code. Unlike a purely text-based refactoring tool, the implementation is capable of interpreting macros, aliases, and constexpr expressions. “With Clang’s LibTooling as the foundation, the whole world of static code analysis and full code understanding is at our disposal”.

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The Practical Programmer’s Guide to C++ 20 – A KDAB Whitepaper

by Giuseppe D’Angelo and Ivan Čukić

If you’re a C++ programmer, it probably won’t have escaped your attention that the C++20 standard has been released and is supported (in great part) by the most popular compilers like GCC, Clang, MSVC, and Apple Clang…..

….a list of the new C++20 features often sounds like a rules-lawyer’s minutiae. While the standard contains dozens of improvements and fixes, we’re going to focus on the changes we think will make the biggest differences to the everyday C++ programmer.

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Interview with Ivan Čukić

Following the whitepaper he and Giuseppe wrote, Ivan gave us some further angles on C++ 20 when he talked to us earlier this week. Check out the interview with Ivan in the latest edition of KDAB News.

Not to be left out, Giuseppe demystifies C++ for C embedded developers in his talk below, also published this week.


Qt Embedded Days – Video Releases

This month saw a steady stream of talk uploads from our new event, which ran from April 13 – 14, online. Highlights from the releases include:

How to Set Up QtCreator for Cross-Compilation by Burkhard Stubert and Demystifying C++ for C Embedded Developers by Giuseppe D’Angelo.

And here you can catch the full playlist.

Other events upcoming

We’ve picked out some events across the year on this page, so you can book the dates in your diary. Let us know if there’s anything we missed.

Highlights include:

KDE Akademy – June 18 – 25, online

On June 18th, KDAB will be offering a short QML training, open to all, and a brief introduction to Modern C++17 for KDE active members. Don’t miss the chance to pick up invaluable tricks and tips from our expert trainers Albert Astals Cid and Marc Mutz. Follow the program details as they evolve. Register to be kept informed.

Italian Cpp – June 19, online

Check out the agenda.

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