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KDStateMachineEditor 1.1.0 released

KDStateMachineEditor is a Qt-based framework for creating Qt State Machine metacode using a graphical user interface. It works on all major platforms and is now available as part of the Qt Auto suite.

The latest release of KDAB’s KDStateMachineEditor includes changes to View, API and Build system.


  • Button added to show/hide transition labels
  • Now using native text rendering
  • Status bar removed


  • API added for context menu handling (cf. StateMachineView class)

Build system

  • Toolchain files added for cross-compiling (QNX, Android, etc.)
  • Compilation with namespaced Qt enabled
  • Build with an internal Graphviz build allowed (-DWITH_INTERNAL_GRAPHVIZ=ON)

KDStateMachineEditor Works on all major platforms and has been tested on Linux, OS X and Windows.

Prebuilt packages for some popular Linux distributions can be found here.

Homebrew recipe for OSX users can be found here.


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3 thoughts on “KDStateMachineEditor 1.1.0 released”

  1. I tried to install and use it but it seems there is not any executable inside the rpm files.
    Nor does the “make install” step seem to install any binary when building the source code.
    Or am I doing something wrong?

    Anyways thanks for sharing this editor!!!

    1. Kai, that is correct. This is only a library — it does not include an editor program. You might look at GammaRay which uses KDStateMachineEditor to help visualize state machines.

      1. “KDStateMachineEditor is a Qt-based framework for creating Qt State Machine metacode using a graphical user interface.”

        Well, from the text above I would expect this tool to also come with a UI component. I thought this would be the essence of the tool.

        Unfortunately there are no prebuilt binaries for Ubuntu 14.04. 🙁

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