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KDSoap 1.9.0 released

KD SOAP is a tool for creating client applications for web services.

The release of 1.9.0 brings a fair number of improvements and fixes, as the following text describes.


  • C++11 is now required. Qt4 is still supported, but this is the last release with support for Qt4. rpath for Unix/Linux/macOS (#181) is now fixed.
  • cmake usage is improved by setting the install interface directories on the library targets (#196). You can just link to KDSoap::kdsoap and you’ll get the correct include paths now.
  • Conan has a new installing file (WIP – see conan folder).


  • Support for selecting WS-Addressing namespace for send messages (#176) has been added
  • WS-Addressing spec compliance (#193) is fixed
  • Support for implementing SOAP-over-UDP clients (see KDSoapUdpClient) is fixed.


WSDL parser / code generator changes, applying to both client and server side:

  • An override indicator to generated files has been added. This requires C++11 for users of generated files.
  • An option for loading PKCS12 certificates (#190) has been added.
  • All special handling of soap/encoding namespace is removed, which fixes the use of soapenc:string and soapenc:integer for instance (#179).
  • A compilation error due to missing QSharedPointer include in generated code (#170) is now fixed.


  • The holidays examples have been replaced with bank-lookup examples. Less fun, but the holidays web service no longer exists…

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