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KDAB releases Kuesa™ for 3D asset creation and integration workflow

KDAB announces the release of Kuesa™, a solution that provides an integrated and unified workflow for designers and developers to create, optimize and integrate real time 3D content in a 3D or hybrid 2D/3D software user interface. Kuesa provides an easy, integrated and unified workflow without any compromises for designers and developers giving:

  • great performance on both desktop and embedded boards
  • high quality real-time 3D scenes
  • full expressiveness for designers, using professional 3D design tools
  • full control of integration for developers
  • reduced time to market.

For a practical demo, have a look at the tutorials created by KDABian Timo Buske, showing a complete workflow from the designer to the developer:

Kuesa is now available under both an AGPL and Commercial license. For more details about Kuesa and how to download it, visit the Kuesa web page. Also, at this year’s Qt World Summit Berlin (2018), KDAB’s James Turner will be giving a presentation on Kuesa titled, Streamlined Integration of 3D Content straight from 3DS Max and Blender into Qt3D. You can also view a demo of Kuesa at KDAB’s booth.

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