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KD Soap 1.9.1 Release the web service access package for Qt applications

We have released KDSoap 1.9.1

As part of our commitment to cross-platform solutions, KDAB offers developers KD SOAP, a web service access package for Qt applications.

KD Soap 1.9.1

This is a final release in this series, with just a few small changes to ensure continued support for those who want to keep using Qt4. Our next release in a few weeks (Version 1.10) will no longer support Qt 4.

Changes in this release

  • unittests onvif_org_event, onvif_ptz, WSDL have been removed
  • static linking examples and unittests in the CMake buildsystem have been fixed

There have also been some minor buildsystem improvements and the correct EULA has been restored.


KD SOAP is a tool for creating client applications for web services. It makes it possible to interact with applications which have APIs that can be exported as SOAP objects. The web service then provides a machine-accessible interface to its functionality via HTTP. The remote method calls are handled with the SOAP standard, which describes method calls, their parameters and return values as XML documents.

KD SOAP is also a tool for creating web service server implementations. It makes it possible to export application APIs as SOAP objects. Web service client applications can then access these via HTTP. The KD SOAP server module contains all required functionality, allowing web service deployment without the need for an external web server.

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