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Introducing KDToolBox KDAB R&D contribution of useful C++ classes

At KDAB we invest a significant amount of efforts in research and development. We are always looking for new tooling, libraries and utilities that can make our job easier and improve the C++ and Qt ecosystems. Ultimately, the gained knowledge and skills make our customers happier.

As part of this process we develop lots of code, usually starting as small experiments and/or proof-of-concept. Some of those experiments mature and become fully fledged solutions, such as our famous GammaRay, the introspection tool for Qt applications; hotspot, the GUI to Linux perf; and heaptrack, a heap memory profiler.

Some other experiments however do not reach the level of being a standalone product. Nonetheless, we believe that other users may find them useful when developing their own applications; therefore, we want to share our discoveries and expertise.

For this reason, in the past few months we have started publishing some of our results on GitHub. Say hello to KDToolBox: KDAB’s collection of miscellaneous useful C++ classes and stuff. Yes, we could have not picked a more buzzword-friendly name 🙂

In the next blog posts we are going to discuss more in detail some of the goodies that you can find in KDToolBox.

In the meanwhile, you can download KDToolBox from its git repository here:

Happy hacking!

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