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Improving the speed of C++ applications Fast code matters - Milian Wolff

…just think of performance constrained embedded platforms. But how do you make your C++ application faster?

This talk will show you how to find bottlenecks in a C++ program using various tools.

Then we will look into some solutions to common issues and top it off with some guidelines for new code.

Abstract: Often one might think: Machines get faster and faster, thus it gets less and less important whether my code runs fast or not.

False! Making your applications faster is more important than ever, especially when you target embedded devices or battery powered devices. And even on the desktop your users will appreciate fast applications that do more in less time.

In the talk I’ll present the most useful tools I know for investigating the performance of a C++ application. We will look at various issues, such as memory consumption, finding CPU hot spots but also at some more complicated threading related performance problems like lock contention. For each issue I will try to present some motivating code example and show you how to improve your code to achieve a better performance.

Author: Milian Wolff

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