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Heaptrack Version 1.2.0 Released Maintenance release of the fast Linux heap memory profiler

We have just released version 1.2.0 of Heaptrack, the fast heap memory profiler for C++/Linux applications.

A bit of Background

The Heaptrack fast heap memory profiler allows you to track all heap memory allocations at run-time. Afterwards, you can use the accompanying GUI tool to find optimization opportunities in your code by analyzing the recorded profiling data.

If you’d like to read a bit more about Heaptrack, you can do so here.

Overview of 1.2.0 Release

The Heaptrack version 1.2.0 release is a maintenance release and brings a couple of important bug fixes and improvements. As a result of these bugfixes and improvements, Heaptrack is more stable and error resistant while recording data.

Additionally, due to some minor tweaks to the graphical analysis tool, it is more efficient to use. You’ll find that the performance of the analysis step is slightly improved too.

Finally, an important bug in the data-diffing algorithm is fixed, which should make that feature more useful again.

You can find a list of the commits that went into this release here.

How to get it?

You can download sources for Heaptrack from the KDE mirrors. Alternatively, wait for your distribution to pick up this release and then it will provide a binary package for you to install.


If you need help with using Heaptrack, or with performance tooling in general, do note that we also offer a training course on debugging and profiling Qt applications. KDAB also offers on-site workshops and mentoring to aid you in optimizing your C++ application performance. I’ll gladly teach you how to use Heaptrack effectively!

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