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Contributing to Qt — hands on

Abstract: With the launch of the Qt Project in 2011 it has been made possible for everyone, individual or organization, to directly submit patches to the Qt codebase. Whether it’s a small fix to the documentation, an improvement to existing code, or even a brand new module altogether, the procedure is the same.

The presentation will quickly show how the Qt Project is structured and what are the roles and the responsibilities within in. This is important when seeking advice or looking for people to review the contribution.

We will then present the lifetime of a Qt patch, from how it gets created using git, to publishing it for having it reviewed, to having it merged and published, ready to be included in a future Qt release.

The majority of the presentation will deal with a practical, live demonstration of contributing a change to Qt. We will go through the entire process of cloning a Qt module, building Qt from source, creating a patch, having it reviewed and so on. This will demonstrate to the audience how easy it is to contribute and be able to drive Qt development towards one’s needs.

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