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August ’20 – monthly digest


Qt 3D will be ready for the Qt 6 release

by Charlotte Johansson

Up until now, Qt 3D was relying on OpenGL for rendering. With the upcoming Qt 6, Qt will come with a rendering abstraction layer (Rendering Hardware Interface or RHI) to target not only OpenGL but also Vulkan, Metal and DirectX.

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Creating Python bindings for Qt libraries

by Renato Araujo

Python is a handy all-purpose language. It can make you very productive within a short time period and has powerful expressiveness for data manipulation and processing. Yet, it’s not a great fit for lots of tasks. C++ is far better at achieving anything that needs bare metal performance, deterministic timing, or low-level access. Thankfully, some great tools are available that make it relatively easy to create Python bindings that let Python functions call into C++ code.

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KDAB Hosts new event: Qt Desktop Days

Qt Desktop Days will be offering a series of talks which this year will be running during the second half of KDE Akademy which KDAB sponsors. Attendees to Qt Desktop Days can also register for KDE Akademy if they wish, and vice versa.

You’ll be hearing presentations from VLC, KDE, Froglogic, Substance by Adobe, Microsoft, QGIS, Bluescape, MuseScore, and KDAB.

Official host Jesper Pedersen has made an official announcement: Qt Desktop Days are coming!

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GammaRay online tutorials Part 1-8

Welcome to our first video series about GammaRay™, the introspection tool for Qt applications developed by KDAB. In this series, we’ll see what GammaRay is, how to build it, and how to use it in order to solve some problems in Qt applications.

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KDAB News: August 2020

In this edition, we have a short interview with CppCon organizer John Kalb about these year’s challenges and how they turned CppCon into a fully virtual event, Qt Desktop Days announcement, and Qt 3D is getting ready for Qt6: 3D rendering in Qt6 will no longer rely only on OpenGL. With the upcoming Qt 6, Qt will come with a rendering abstraction layer (Rendering Hardware Interface or RHI) to target not only OpenGL but also Vulkan, Metal, and DirectX.

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Meeting C++

The Schedule, Talks, and Speakers are now online for this ever growing ‘partly virtual ‘ event for the European C++ community. KDAB is proud to be a Gold sponsor this year.

This year’s online conference features eleven talks in one track. On November 14th you can see a talk from KDAB’s Marc Mutz: Partially-Formed Objects For Fun And Profit.

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Upcoming events

    • KDE Akademy – Sept 4 – 11 KDAB is very proud to be a Platinum sponsor at this community-based event and will be offering half-day training online in QML, UI/UX design, Debugging for Linux, and Multithreading in Qt, free to KDE members.
    • Meeting Cpp – Nov 12 – 14 A mix of live in Berlin and online, with Keynotes from Jonathan Boccara and Teresa Johnson. You’ll find the schedule, talks, and speakers here…

Visit our page Upcoming events for more updates…

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