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April ’21 – monthly digest


froglogic going forward

For our KDAB News this month, we talked to Harri Porten, the CEO of long-time KDAB partner froglogic. We asked him how the recent acquisition of froglogic by The Qt Company (congratulations, Harry!) will affect froglogic’s customers going forward – ourselves included.

Watch the interview…


Discover Bottlenecks on QNX: how to speed up the process

by Sven Erdem

For many developers, QNX is the operating system of choice, when it comes to developing on embedded systems. However, the performance limits are exceeded quickly, especially if you’re working on low-end hardware.

Sven explains how you can speed up the investigation process of hits on performance limits on your QNX system visually, using our Python script.

Read the blog…

Signal/Slot Connection Throttlers

by Giuseppe D’Angelo

The first of two blog posts by Giuseppe about KDToolBox, KDAB’s collection of miscellaneous useful C++ classes and stuff.

In this blog, he talks about ways to throttle your signal/slots connections — in other words, how to activate a slot less often than the emission rate of the signal it’s connected to.

Read on…

Single-shot signal/slot connections

by Giuseppe D’Angelo

Sometimes it’s useful to establish a connection between a signal and a slot that should be activated only once. This is not how signal/slot connections normally behave.

Read on to find out what to do in this case…

How it got here, Where it’s going

With contributions from Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Jon Kalb, Ivan Čukić and Jens Weller

The C++ programming language is considered by many to be the most powerful language on the planet. It is used for operating systems, web browsers, games, embedded software, autonomous cars, medical technology, and many other applications……..

We talked to a panel of C++ experts, evangelists, and devotees from both sides of the pond to understand a little more about C++ – its current position in the development community, its history, and its future.

Read on…



More Qt Widgets and More

The unstoppable Jesper has surpassed himself and produced 4 new videos this month, including the final two in the Qt Creator series on Document Templates. Here’s Part 3, and you’ll find Part 4 here.

Then you can enjoy Adapting Column Content to Size and Converting Enums to and from Strings.

You can’t say we don’t keep ’em coming 🙂

Find the whole Qt Widgets series here…

Who Cares about Containers? Embedded developers do (or they should!)

We are very happy to introduce a mini-series about Containers, including a webinar, from our partner Toradex.

First, a short introduction, then the webinar.

And finally, here’s, Torizon’s CTO Brandon Shibley taking a deep cross-industry look at Secure Updates on Embedded using Torizon’s containers.

Find all of them here…

Download KDAB’s whitepaper: Containers – Cloud tech comes to embedded



Qt Developer Conference

Berlin, September 28th – 30th

Yes, you read that right, too. KDAB is running a real live event in Berlin for Qt Developers and the Qt eco-system. We’ll have a Training Day and top class technical talks, just as you’d expect us to. Save the dates! We look forward to meeting you there… In person!

In case you wondered, the event will follow all safety recommendations and there’ll be online access to the presentations for those unable to attend.

Talk Submissions are Open until June 13th! Register here for more information as it becomes available…

Event News this May

Qt Desktop Days – postponed to September

Due to an overlap with other online events which hadn’t been announced when we launched this event, we decided to play Qt Desktop Days forward and incorporate it into our LIVE Qt Developer Conference on September 28 – 30. See the post above for more.

May 6th, Qt Day Italy

We’re glad to sponsor QtDay 2021 which this year offers a series of online Qt events across the year. The first free event is a webinar on May 6th: Qt/QML for Android Development. Find out more and register.

May 2nd – 7th, C++ Now

May 13th – May 15th, Linux App Summit

May 18 – 21, Qt Dev/DesDays

May 25 – 27, Microsoft Build


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