KDAB, the world’s largest independent source of Qt knowledge, provides services, training and products for Qt development. Our experienced engineers deliver peerless software, regularly providing expert help on any implementation detail or solving that intractable problem no-one else will touch. KDAB is also the market leader for Qt training and our trainers are active developers, ensuring topic relevance and implementation effectiveness. KDAB’s products increase productivity with add-on components, complex widgets and tools to enhance Qt.

Get help with your Qt projects

Our Qt experts can help solve the hard problems with your code. We will work with you at any level of integration, from mentoring and troubleshooting, through to full implementation of your application [...]

Port your Qt4 code to Qt5

We have extensive experience in porting from all popular and legacy frameworks to Qt. Your updated software will include the very latest features available in Qt [...]

Let us build your Qt application

We can optimize Qt’s power and subtlety, delivering the very best cross-platform solutions for your needs. With our intimate knowledge of Qt we can leverage the very best performance across the platforms of your choice [...]

Speed up graphic performance with OpenGL

We can tune Qt with OpenGL to get the highest graphics performance for your mobile or embedded hardware, across a wide range of platforms including QNX, Android and WinCE. [...]

Learn Qt or increase your Qt skills

We will get you or your team quickly up-to-speed with our outstanding Qt training courses. All our instructors are full-time developers able to pass on unique, practical insights from their daily experience [...]

Increase your Qt productivity

We’ve created powerful charting, reporting, and SOAP components that will reduce your development time. We offer productivity tools designed for Qt, that will accelerate and enhance your development process [...]