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David Faure (faure at

KDE Developer and Official Representative kde-developer
Qt developer, consultant and trainer for KDAB

Here's an image from when I was (much) younger:

I started with the KDE project when I was looking for a way to add a dialog box to my talk daemon ;-)
After working on ktalkd for nearly a year, I took over the maintainance of kfm, KDE 1.x's file manager. I'm now working on konqueror, kdesktop, big chunks of the KDE libraries, and koffice (particularly KWord). With the effort around KDE-4 I am back to kdelibs+konqueror mainly. And fixing bugs anywhere I find them :-)

To learn more about me and my work on KDE, you can read this (very old) interview on or this (very old) interview on or this (old) interview on or this more recent interview on

I have also done some talks about KDE in public. You can find here the slides of my presentations.
Talk in french, at Linux Expo Paris, June 1999 Au coeur de KDE
Talk in english, in Tokyo, Japan, June 1999 The K Desktop Environment
Talk in english, in London, UK, December 1999 KDE - Object model and component architecture
Talk in english, in New York, USA, February 2000 The KDE 2 desktop environment (well I missed the slot...)
Talk in english, in Toronto, Canada, November 2000 KDE 2 Features
Talk in english, in Toronto, Canada, November 2000 KDE 2 for the developer
Talk in english, at OSDEM, Bruxelles, February 2001 KDE 2 as a development platform
Talk in french, at Linux Expo Paris, February 2001 KDE 2 - fonctionnalités et architecture
IST2001, Bruxelles, May 2001 KDE 2 as a development platform
... many others ... which I haven't found the time to convert to HTML and upload ;)
In the KDE developer conference in Nove Hrady (August 2003), I gave four technical talks

LinuxTag Karlsruhe, July 2004: KOffice
Malaga, August 2005: talk on async programming in Qt/KDE
Dublin, September 2006: Increased Productivity in KDE4 with scripts and zsh
Berlin, May 2007: OpenDocument in KOffice
Akademy Glasgow, July 2007: Unit Testing
Akademy Gran Canaria, July 2009: Bugfixing is fun

Articles / Book chapters:
I wrote the Chapter 12 of the KDE 2.0 development book, Creating and Using Components (KParts).
I wrote an article on KParts for the IBM developerWorks website, and two KParts tutorials which are not published there yet.

Here is some information on some of the programs I wrote.

I actively develop and maintain Konqueror
Konqueror has so many features, I'm not going to describe it again, better read the konqueror website :)

From March 2001 to 2007, I have been working on re-designing KWord for KOffice-1.1. and later.

Long ago, I also wrote a non-KDE program: TkCdLayout, a tool to make CD inserts : see the TkCdLayout Home Page

My old script page, about how to script telnet and ftp.

Oh, and even a non-Unix program (that was before I knew Linux !)
A program launcher for Windows : see the Icon-Board Home Page

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