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Training at Qt Developer Conference 2022 June 13th - Berlin

KDAB is delighted to offer, with our partners The Qt Company and Software Compliance Academy, 9 superb one day training classes to kick off our QtDevCon event in Berlin this summer. Each class is led by an expert in the field with content that is slap up-to-date with the latest changes and derived from comprehensive longer courses.

As well as a wide range of more obviously Qt-focused courses, subjects offered range from the oft-overlooked but vital FOSS Compliance that every developer should be aware of, to the nitty gritty on What’s New in C++20 – not for the faint-hearted.

Whether you’re a relative newcomer to your chosen subject, or just need to catch up with the latest tips and tricks, these courses are terrific value and not-to-be-missed*.

Training ticket sales close on May 23rd so Sign up and choose your training NOW while seats last.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s on offer (click on the titles to get more info):


QML Application Architecture

André Somers will show where to put the boundaries between what you do in C++ and QML and demonstrate some of the tools available in QML that can help you achieve well-performing, well-structured, and well-maintainable QML applications.

Custom components and rendering deep-dive

James Turner will show how to create and design custom components, especially how to get data on-screen. He’ll talk about portability, performance, and custom event handling. He’ll also cover the RHI layer in Qt6 and how to work on different target platforms supporting Metal, Vulkan and D3D.

Introduction to CMake

Kevin Funk will explain how CMake’s broad functionality helps solve real world problems and advanced build requirements. These include cross-platform builds, feature detection, built-time configurable feature switches, custom build steps, code generators, third-party package retrieval and more.

What’s new in C++20?

Giuseppe D’Angelo will explain to attendees with solid experience with Modern C++ (11/14/17 (a prerequisite): Concepts, Comparison (3-way), Coroutines, the char8_t mess, immediate functions, lambda improvements, modules, multi-threading improvements, ranges, span, <bit> and more.

Profiling & Debugging for Linux

Milian Wolff, the main author of Massif-Visualizer, heaptrack, hotspot and ctf2ctf – tools now used widely to improve C++ applications performance, will introduce profiling with Linux perf, measuring memory consumption with heaptrack, and debugging with RR and the sanitizers.

Introduction to QML

Jesper K. Pedersen of youtube infamy and Shantanu Tushar will show UI developers interested in starting with QML and learning the basics, how to develop an application in QML and connect it to C++ back end code.

From Software Compliance Academy

FOSS Compliance

Dr Catharina Maracke will make clear why you should care about Intellectual Property and licensing, even if you choose ‘Free’ and Open software. She’ll cover the FOSS Licensing Model, warranties and liability, end-to-end compliance management and offer some examples and a reality check.

From The Qt Company and froglogic

Programming for Microcontrollers with Qt for MCUs (STMicroelectronics)

David Sliwa and Piotr Mucko will introduce the Qt Quick Ultralite rendering engine, running on bare metal or FreeRTOS, with Ultralite Controls and an optimized subset of QML, enabling you to create smartphone-like user experiences on microcontrollers with the Qt Creator IDE and other tools.

Qt GUI Automated Testing with Squish

Tomasz Pawlowski will show how to design and implement cross-platform automated tests using Squish GUI Tester for Qt, QML & QtQuick applications that continue to work as your product evolves, allowing you to achieve high quality applications during the testing process.

Choose your training and Sign up!

Qt Developer Conference, Berlin, June 13 – 15, with Training Day on June 13th.

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* This one day training offer is for attendees of Qt Developer Conference only.


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