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Why learn about Qt

Qt 5 is a modern, mature and highly featured framework to develop application software that can run across desktop and/or embedded and/or mobile platforms. Qt is often used in a combination with other technologies.

Qt is used by tens of thousands of companies across 70+ industries and in all regions of the world.

Qt is used by leading companies (many of them KDAB customers) to create

  • Inflight Entertainment systems in airplanes
  • In-vehicle infotainment systems
  • Location & Navigation systems
  • Scientific and Finance Applications
  • Effects in and software tools for Hollywood movies
  • 3D UIs as well as touch screens for Medical appliances
  • Control panels for embedded machines as well as for different types of vehicles
  • Cross-platform consumer software
  • UIs for consumer electronic devices, Mobile apps and operating system
  • Ubuntu and KDE are examples of software that use Qt as a base for their system

Qt is often used to target one or multiple of the following platforms:

  • Desktop: Windows, Linux/X11 and Mac OS X
  • RTOS (Real Time Operating Systems): QNX, VxWorks and INTEGRTITY
  • Embedded: Android, Linux and Windows Embedded
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, WinRT, Blackberry 10, Sailfish OS

Qt (software) has an active, vibrant community that is estimated to consist of 800.000 developers*. You or your company can take an active role in the community, and influence the development through contributions.

KDAB’s Qt experts are the maintainers (steer the development) of the platforms:

  • Qt for Android
  • Qt for QNX
  • Qt for Windows CE

As well as the areas of

  • Qt3D (OpenGL)
  • qtbase (Qt Widgets)
  • qtbase (Qt Core)
  • qtwebchannel

KDAB has also contributed CMake configuration files to Qt5, worked with Modern Cmake, Qt and Boost as well as released context-sensitive CMake 3.0 documentation in QtCreator with new Qt integration for uic and rcc.

Since 2012 KDAB has arranged Qt Developer Days in Europe (in Berlin), the biggest Qt community event of the year.

Qt is available for development with open source license or with a commercial license. KDAB can assist you in making the choice of licensing as well as evaluating the fit of Qt to your project.

With KDAB as the first original Qt Training provider and still the market leader in Qt Training, you will always enjoy a tailored training with up to-date materials and hands-on programming exercises.