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On-site training:
User Centered Development and Usability
It needs more than excellent code

, <span class="entry-title-primary">On-site training:<br>User Centered Development and Usability</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">It needs more than excellent code</span>

It needs more than excellent code

In this course your team will learn how to determine user requirements so they can provide solutions for your product’s interaction challenges that are both mentally satisfying and visually appealing. They will also learn how to uncover and estimate the effects of usability deficits and establish benchmarks so as to steer the GUI development for an optimum result.

With this introductory training participants will not only understand the theory, but also take away tools and strategies you can directly introduce to your product development team. In order to tighten your newly gained knowledge, extensive exercises accompany the theory: We will develop an application from the first idea to user testing the final design.

Some of the topics covered

  • ISO 9241-210 or “what is a User Centered Development Process?”
  • Assess users’ needs and make them actionable (e.g. Personas)
  • How to communicate user requirements in your team
  • Designing for the mind: Translating user needs into interfaces
  • Tools and strategies for rapid UI prototyping
  • Testing the Usability: Guerilla or The Lab?
  • Understand the why: Psychological background
  • How to talk with users – getting the feedback right.
  • Interweaving UX processes with general development

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Why learn about User Centered Development and Usability?

Users ultimately decide about the success of your product – at the latest when they are supposed to use it. With this training we provide you with strategies for turning your users into allies early in the development process. These strategies will not only lead to better products and higher customer satisfaction, but will also help you to improve the development process itself.

  • Target Audience: Developers, Development Leads, Product Managers, Managers, Decision Makers wanting to learn how to involve users to boost a product’s success
  • Prerequisite: Being part of a product development team
  • Duration: 3 days

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