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On-site Qt Automotive Suite training Learn additional runtime components and development tools in Qt Automotive Suite

Learn additional runtime components and development tools in Qt Automotive Suite

This training will introduce your team to the Qt Automotive Suite, Qt’s specialized variant for automotive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems.

The course is targeted at Qt development teams who need to learn about the additional runtime components and development tools provided by the Qt Automotive Suite, as well as how to best employ these components in their IVI project.

Course contents:

  • Device setup and target development with Qt Creator
  • Device image creation and customization
  • Multi-process application management with Qt ApplicationManager and Wayland
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard
  • Creating and integrating SCXML-based state machines
  • Interfacing with CAN buses using Qt SerialBus
  • Developing vehicle data and middleware access APIs using Qt IVI
  • Integrating 2D and 3D UI content
  • GammaRay runtime introspection

Course Information

  • Target audience: Development teams working on IVI systems using or evaluating – the Qt Automotive Suite.
  • Prerequisites: Basic Qt or QML knowledge
  • Duration: 3 days

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Why learn about Qt for Automotive Suite?

Qt Automotive Suite extends the regular Qt frameworks and tools into a comprehensive package tailored to the needs of automotive HMI projects. Additional components support you with interfacing with middleware services and with application management. Extensions to QtCreator ease on-target development and powerful runtime inspection tooling gives you new insights at runtime.

In this course you will learn about the additional APIs and components provided by the Qt Automotive Suite, as well as how to effectively employ the additional development and diagnostic tools.

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