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On-site: QML for Designers Integrating 3D content into Qt Quick and QML for teams

Integrating 3D content into Qt Quick and QML for teams

This training introduces design and developer teams to 3D content workflows and concepts, giving them a solid grounding in creating content using Qt 3D Studio, achieving the visual results they require, and integrating their work with other Qt content such as Qt Quick.

Existing 2D and 3D designers, user-experience designers, as well as developers working on visuals, will all benefit from learning the features and workflow offered by Qt 3D Studio. The training includes a large amount of hands-on time with the software, giving students confidence to begin creating their own content immediately, taking full advantage of the core features available.

Course contents:

  • Concepts and workflows for 3D content with Qt 3D Studio
  • Presentation structure including scenes, slides and layers
  • Understanding animations and materials
  • Adding user interactivity and exposing data to QML
  • Deploying and evaluating presentations on remote devices and targets

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Why learn about Qt 3D Studio?

Qt 3D studio gives a tool-led workflow for integrating 3D content into Qt and QtQuick. It provides a simple environment for structuring 3D content, defining animations and behaviors, specifying materials and visual effects, and exporting complete presentations to an optimized runtime component.

While a wide range of workflows are possible when integrating 3D content, this training allows you and your team to focus on the best-practice approaches when working with Qt 3D Studio, to give a robust and well-defined path from 3D content into your final product.

Course information

Target audience: Principally designers, or developers who need to get an overview of QML integration Prerequisite: no coding experience required, some familiarity with 3D concepts would be useful Duration: 1 day

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