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Modern C++: Introduction – on-site training Quickly bring your team up-to-speed with C++

Quickly bring your team up-to-speed with C++

Includes foundation requirements for Qt

This training introduces development teams to the C++ language, with a focus on how it is used with Qt.

The course is targeted at software engineers with prior knowledge in system or application development, for example experience with software written in C.

Rather than going into all the corners of C++, this training focuses on the parts which are needed when developing with Qt. As an example we will not delve a whole lot on exceptions in C++, as they are seldom used with Qt.

Course contents

  • Introduction to the base language features
  • Custom data types such as classes
  • Life time and memory management of objects
  • Code organisation features such as namespaces
  • Runtime polymorphism
  • Introduction to generic programming with templates
  • Usage of templates in the C++ standard library
  • Aspects of functional programming such as lambdas
  • Best practices for C++ with Qt

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Why learn C++?

C++ is widely used and has become a de facto standard, with extensive libraries. This course provides a base to build on for our Advanced C++: What’s new in C++11 / C++14 or any of our Introductory Programming with Qt courses.

  • Target audience: Development teams who need to get started with C++
  • Prerequisite: The course is suitable for developers with no prior C++ knowledge
  • Duration: 3 days

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