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On-site Training. C++11 / C++14 Quickly bring you team up-to-speed with the latest C++ standards

Quickly bring you team up-to-speed with the latest C++ standards

This is a C++11 / C++14 training for professional C++ development teams, designed to bring them quickly up-to-date with latest changes in the C++ language and standard library introduced in C++11 and more recently in C++14. The on-site training will ensure your whole team is on the same page about these new possibilities in C++, immediately boosting your capability and future proofing your product.

We use many examples to demonstrate C++11 and C++14 and developers will get hands-on experience using C++11 and C++14 with our lab projects. As not all development environments use a C++14-capable compiler yet, we make it clear in the material which features are only available in C++14.

The training also teaches some of the advanced C++11/14 features, like variadic templates and perfect forwarding, however they are introduced gently, and are optional.

Course contents: C++11 and C++14 Training

  • Important language changes, including:
    • lambdas, range based for loops, strongly typed enums,
    • uniform initialization, move semantics,…
  • Functional programming, including lambda, bind and function objects
  • Template meta programming, including variadic templates
  • Multithreading

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Course Information: C++11/C++14 Training

Target audience: Professional C++ developers and teams
Prerequisite: Participants are required to have basic C++ knowledge, e.g. knowing about inheritance and virtual functions.
Duration: Three-day training course
Sign up: C++ On-site Training

Why learn about C++11/C++14?

C++11 is a new major version of the C++ standard, released in 2011, and brings many new features to C++ that make the language safer, faster as well as easier and more fun to use. Professional C++ development teams will sooner or later come into contact with C++11/C++14 and there are obvious benefits from introducing its advantages early.

Because of the numerous changes, the C++ creator, Bjarne Stroustrup, said that “C++11 feels like a new language”. Furthermore, C++14, released in 2014, brings incremental improvements over C++11.

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