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Setting up Kinect for programming in Linux

The ’90’s and the early 2000’s were the era of the computer mouse. The late 2000’s and the early 2010’s are the era of swipe and touch interaction. The next era might very well be the era of touch free user interfaces. As a consulting company we obviously always need to be at the frontier of new development, and we therefore had one of our software engineers, Benoit Dumas, research how to use Kinect* (which you may know from the XBox 360) together with a Qt user interface.

The first step in this was to set up the Kinect with a Linux distribution. Whilst doing so, Benoit wrote a wiki entry for internal usage in KDAB. However, as many customers have shown great interest into how it works, we’ve decided to share the steps with the rest of the world. You may read the steps here.

The second step is to get the events from the Kinect sensor into your Qt application. Next month, Benoit will show how to get that working.

*Kinect is a motion sensing input device by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 video game console and Windows PCs.





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