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Qt Desktop Days 2023 A free online event hosted by KDAB

Qt Desktop Days 2023 have been canceled

In recent years, we have seen much fewer desktop-related topics out there, so – in order to put it back in the spotlight – we initiated Qt Desktop Days back in 2020. You can read a summary and watch the videos from that edition: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5.

Now – it’s time for us at KDAB to bring you another Qt Desktop Days this June 20-21st!

We want this conference to provide concrete, applicable insights that relate to desktop software development with Qt – because we know there’s a lot of it out there.

Call for Papers

Qt Desktop Days is an online event for developers creating desktop software, mainly – but not exclusively – with Qt.

We welcome proposals related to any aspect of desktop software development, as long as they:

  • bring practical knowledge to the attendees
  • discuss the unique technical challenges of creating desktop applications
  • are about Qt and/or about best practices that can be applied in any desktop project.

We encourage you to share, among your successes, also bad experiences and wrong decisions. Talking about our mistakes (and not only our achievements) makes us grow and learn!

Especially important are the takeaways from your talk. What will the audience learn? How will it improve the attendee’s everyday life as software developers using Qt on the desktop?


Presentations are 40-45 minutes long, followed by 5-10 minutes for Q&A, for a total of 55 minutes maximum. Each presentation will be live-streamed and recorded. The video recordings will be redistributed on multiple video hosting platforms.

Although we prefer live talks, you could apply for a pre-recorded talk if there’s a specific reason for this. In the case of a pre-recorded talk: please add this specifically to the application and we will contact you to help organize it. You will still participate live in the presentation of your talk as well as the Q&A.


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