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Qt5 on the QNX operating system

KDAB is very excited to see that Qt will form a key role on the BlackBerry platform and future versions of the QNX operating system. The BlackBerry and QNX platforms are now first class citizens in the Qt ecosystem. Work continues at pace to ensure that Qt5 will provide an exceptional experience for both the developers and end-users of Qt on BlackBerry and QNX with tight integration to platform services and tooling, including the Qt Creator IDE.

Till Adam, KDAB’s Services Director, will be attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam, Orlando, as part of BlackBerry World, where he will be presenting a talk on “The Ease of Porting a Qt Application to BlackBerry 10”. Come along and see how easy Qt on BlackBerry is to use!

For those of you keen to get a head-start with Qt on BlackBerry you can download the PlayBook Qt SDK for Windows, Mac and Linux from the BlackBerry Github site. The SDK contains both Qt 4.8.1 and Qt 5 Alpha compiled for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Also included is excellent tooling in the form of the Qt Creator IDE which allows you to easily create, deploy and debug Qt applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The SDK even includes experimental support for the Qt Sensors and Multimedia APIs.

So why not grab yourself a copy of the SDK and join the Qt on BlackBerry community in the #qt-qnx channel on IRC? The very keen among you can even track the development of Qt on BlackBerry by following this wiki article.


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