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Why Use Qt Automotive Suite?

Create Stunning HMIs: Qt

  • easy to implement stunning user interface with seamless integration of 2D and 3D content
  • scales to different hardware and can leverage GPU-based rendering for smooth 60fps experience even on high-resolution screens
  • easy to use declarative UI description language with graphical tooling, as well as C++ APIs for full native power where needed
  • platform independence and large world-wide ecosystem and developer community help to avoid vendor/supplier lock-in
  • open and transparent development process gives you influence on the direction of Qt

Reduce Time to Market: Qt Automotive Suite

  • focus on what makes your product stand out, rather than building generic infrastructure parts
  • modular vehicle data and multimedia API with comprehensive simulation backends enable development before hardware is available
  • multi-process architecture with app lifecycle management and security enabling a modern modular HMI design and safe integration of 3rd-party applications
  • reference HMI implementation as a starting point for your own R&D
  • automotive industry-compatible licensing model

Make your team more effective: Tooling

  • support for emulated or on-target development: no need for a real device; no constraints of hardware availability
  • support for quick target deployment and live development and debugging on target: no lengthy device reflash cycles and instant feedback on HMI changes
  • high-level and visual diagnostic tools enabling effective analysis of complex bugs or performance issues

Tailor your project: Custom SDK

  • ensure both your own team and all suppliers are using exactly the same setup to avoid integration problems
  • single installer with online update support to efficiently deploy your development setup
  • include in-house or 3rd party frameworks
  • easily extensible tools to support your custom frameworks

Qt Automotive Suite: In-depth Technical information…

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