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Qt Automotive Suite Boost productivity and stay in control with KDAB's Automotive IVI expertise

Boost productivity and stay in control with KDAB's Automotive IVI expertise

KDAB has in-depth experience in supporting automotive OEMs and Tier 1s with productive solutions, innovative features and with true software expertise. The Qt Automotive suite integrates KDAB’s acclaimed GammaRay tool deeply into Qt Creator and provides a comprehensive package for automotive needs, including the powerful Qt 3D framework, also developed by KDAB. Together with our partners we are proud to bring this tailored offering to the automotive space and to further accelerate the success of Qt.

High HW/OS Flexibility and UI performance

Qt Automotive Suite supports common In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) system development needs of automotive OEMs and Tier 1s. Qt Automotive Suite delivers a multi-process architecture enabling 2D and photo-realistic 3D user experiences in combination with cloud services.The pre-built platform avoids lock-in to a specific OS or HW solution by providing a great HW/OS flexibility as well as tools, tailored APIs and libraries to develop a stable, high-quality UX in an efficient and tailored manner. The platform is created so individual automotive OEMs can maintain its control over ecosystem, services and brand.

Open for 3rd party innovation and support

The Qt Automotive Suite is developed together with The Qt Company and Luxoft (formerly Pelagicore) through an open collaboration model in order to offer a unified technology offering: tool chains, automotive libraries, hardware/OS integration, solutions and value-add components. The product is built on top of the Qt framework and tools, to which KDAB is the biggest independent contributor.

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