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Qt Developer Conference 2022 A Conference from Developers for Developers

We are very happy to announce that the Qt Developer Conference is back on track after having been postponed last September. Mark your calendars and save the date on 13th-15th June 2022. This will be our first in-person event since the pandemic started. Do not miss out on this wonderful experience!

We opened the ticket shop for the Qt DevCon again. Get your early-bird tickets for a temporarily reduced price here:

About the Qt Developer Conference

The Qt Developer Conference is a new addition to our catalogue of events, covering any aspect of software development with Qt: embedded, widgets, Qt Quick — you name it!  If you’re a developer building applications with Qt, this conference is for you. The event will take place at Radialsystem in Berlin, a beautiful, industrial event location at the banks of River Spree, not far away from Alexanderplatz and Berlin Ostbahnhof. On the agenda, there will be 1 day of training and 2 days of technical talks during the main event.

Here, you can find a full list of all the trainings that will be offered during the training day on 13th June:

For a list of talks and their speakers during the main event on 14th and 15th June, look here:

More information is available on the Qt Dev Con website, where you can also sign up to receive updates.

We are aware, that under the current circumstances even thinking to attend a live event seems a bit out of place. Nevertheless, we have chosen the date in June to minimize the odds of being affected by another Covid wave. Measures will be taken to make the event as safe as possible. Also, if we would have to cancel the event after all, tickets will be refunded.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Berlin! Stay safe!

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2 thoughts on “Qt Developer Conference 2022”

  1. Is there an option for virtual attendance? I am interested in attending the conference, but my employer asked me to avoid international travel due to COVID concerns. I want to attend both the conference AND the training day.

    1. Hi, we understand concerns regarding COVID. Given the falling number of cases and with most people vaccinated, we have to decided to run the event in-person only. Especially, the trainings are designed to interact with the trainer, which is hard to achieve in an online format. We might make recordings of the conference talks available at a later point. Legal restrictions have been dropped lately. We will ask all participants to test before attending the conference and wear masks inside the trainings and presentation rooms.

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