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Qt World Summit, organized by The Qt Company, is the premier Qt event of the year and follows on from Qt Developer Days that KDAB organized in the years 2012–2014. KDAB has been and continues to be a major sponsor and contributor to the event. Our experts give many of the in-depth technical presentations and […]

KDAB Demos at Qt World Summit KDAB was Gold Sponsor at Qt World Summit. We ran the pre-conference Training Day, offering fourteen top-notch talks in the program and celebrating our 20th Anniversary with a party for attendees on the evening of November 5th. We also had a stunning array of demos for attendees to the […]

The agenda is published and KDAB engineers are offering a wealth of technical talks this year. Optimizing the Rendering of Qt Quick 2 applications, Giuseppe D’Angelo If you have ever wondered how Qt Quick applications are rendered to the screen, and how to use that knowledge to find and fix performance problems, then this talk […]

KDAB is sharing the Qt booth at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. We’ll be showing some of our profiling and debugging tools as well as our latest QiTissue demo, a desktop Application developed for Quantitative Imaging Systems (Qi) to help cancer researchers efficiently handle gigabytes of data (see more about that here), We’ll also give a preview […]

Once again, KDAB is proud to have sponsored Italian C++ – a free event organized by C++ enthusiasts in Milan, Italy. The program will soon be available for download, including a 50 minute talk from KDAB’s James Turner: Custom tooling for frameworks, libraries and projects using Clang – getting Clazy. We also exhibited two of […]

ACCU is the foremost annual conference in the UK for people interested in C++ and C, and runs from Wednesday the 10th to Saturday 13th April at the Bristol Marriott City Centre Hotel, with pre-conference tutorials on April 9th. Keynote Speakers on the 10th and 13th are Angela Sasse, Herb Sutter, Paul Grenyer and Kate […]

In vehicle infotainment systems and instrument clusters are getting larger and more complex, requiring an exponentially growing base of software to drive them. Furthermore, KDAB finds that self-driving technology does not obviate the need for displays – in fact, autonomous technology seems to be accelerating the trend for larger and more capable graphics software. To […]

KDAB at Embedded World, Nuremberg In February 2019, KDAB will once again be the main Qt partner at the Qt Booth, Hall 4-258, at Embedded World, in Nuremberg, Germany. This is the biggest Embedded conference in Europe and, in 2018, hosted over 1000 exhibitors and over 32000 visitors. Get your free pass here using Code: B401904 This year KDAB […]

Enter the wonderful world of tools for which the announcement blog takes more time to write than the tool itself. qsslint is a small command-line utility for verifying the syntax of your Qt stylesheet files (*.qss). It’s much like KDAB’s previous linter contribution, qmllint. It simply returns 0 if the stylesheet is valid, and non-zero […]

KDAB was the main sponsor at Qt World Summit 2018.  We exhibited on both days, starting at 5pm on Wednesday December 5th. We showed: Qt Quick Software Renderer At Qt World Summit KDAB will show the Qt Quick Software Renderer in action on the very competitively priced NXP i.MX6 ULL platform. Thanks to some clever […]